Current Cooperation Projects :

Barcoding Fauna Bavarica (BFB) – ZSM
DNA-Library of bavarian Fauna

German Barcode of Life Project (G-BOL) – ZSM, SNSB-IT-Zentrum
Genetic Library of German Fauna and Flora

Global Plant Initiative (GPI), Latin American Plant Initiative (LAPI) – BSM, SNSB-IT-Zentrum
The GPI network of content providers currently includes more than 190 partners (museums and herbaria) representing over 60 countries.

Informationsnetz biologischer Forschungsdaten (LIS-IBF) – SNSB-IT-Zentrum
Setting up an information network on biological research data gained in the field

Biodiversitätsnetzwerk des Humboldt-Rings (LIS-BinHum) – SNSB-IT-Zentrum
Consolidation of collection data by development of a joint data portal

Integriertes Datenmanagement für die digitale Erschließung zoologischer und paläontologischer Sammlungsbestände (LIS-IDES) – SNSB-IT-Zentrum, ZSM, JME, BSPG, SAPM
Database of fossil and recent fishes

Der Knoten für Wirbellose II von GBIF-Deutschland (GBIF-D Evertebrata II) – ZSM
The node Evertebrata II represents the molluscs (Mollusca) the Chelicerata, with the spiders and mites, and the myriapods (Myriapoda), containing millipedes and centipedes.

Knoten Mykologie von GBIF Deutschland (GBIF-D Mykologie) – BSM
GBIF-D node for fungi and lichens

Die Dynamik des Solnhofener Archipels – JME, BSPG
reconstruction of the complex fish diversity of the Solnhofen limestones

DNA-Bank-Netzwerk – ZSM
high quality, long-term storage of DNA material to enhance taxonomic, systematic, genetic, conservation and evolutionary studies

Transalpine Mobilität und Kulturtransfer, DFG Forschergruppe (FOR 1670)
Establishment of an isotopic fingerprint for bioarchaeological finds

German Federation for the Curation of Biological Data (GFBio) – SNSB-IT-Zentrum
Providing of a sustainable, service oriented, national data infrastructure facilitating data sharing and stimulating data intensive science in the fields of biological and environmental research

Flora von Bayern - Datenfluss DWB und FIS-Natur – BSM, SNSB-IT-Zentrum

Flora von Bayern - Kommunikationsplattform  – BSM, SNSB-IT-Zentrum

Towards an integrative and comprehensive standard for meta-omics data of collection objects (mod-co) – SNSB-IT-Zentrum
Setting up of standards to mobilize research-related information from environmental samples at Natural History Collections

Mobilization of spider data (ARAMOB) – SNSB IT Center
Semantic enrichment and mobilization of data in distributed repositories for taxonomy and ecology: Solving a Gordian knot in the taxonomy of neotropical jumping spiders and trait-based ecological habitat assessment with spider assemblages; Diversity Workbench (DWB) Software engineering; IT infrastructure


DFG (German Science Foundation)-funded-projects of SNSB-scientists:

Informationssystem für Geförderte Projekte der DFG (DFG-funded projects, GEPRIS)

The Research Infrastructure Portal: RIsources

Diversity Workbench Project of the SNSB

DFG-Gute Wissenschaftliche Praxis:

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