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Menzinger Straße 67
80638 München
Tel. 089/17 861-265
Fax. 089/17 861-193
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The Botanische Staatssammlung Muenchen is a pure research institution and as such is not open to the public.

Prof. Dr. Susanne Renner

Fast facts:
The Botanische Staatssammlung Muenchen is a research institution that forms part of the Bavarian Natural History Collections. Its mission is to collect, preserve, research, and document plant and fungal diversity worldwide. This mission is based on a collection of almost 3,200,000 specimens, which makes the Botanische Staatssammlung one of world's largest herbaria. Because of the international scope of its research, the Botanische Staatssammlung exchanges material with recognized botanical institutions across the globe. In addition, the Botanische Staatssammlung is a resource centre for printed and electronic botanical information at the local, regional and international level. Upon request, the staff also provides floristic information and plant identification services.



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